Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My expensive brother

I've long had hearing issues with my TV. I had a neighbor complain because my TV was too loud. For several years I used a bluetooth receiver in the TV and listened via earbuds. I tried a couple of sound bars but the set up was always funky. Either the remote didn't like the sound bars or Tivo had issues or the TV did. I always ended up returning them.

I have not been able to get the bluetooth receiver deal going on my current TV. Mostly I can hear it ok, not great but ok. I keep closed captions on always.

This morning my brother sent me a link to a new deal - Roku speakers. They work like a soundbar only 100% easier to set up and they have gotten great reviews. The only problem with them is that they only work with Roku TVs. My TV is a TCL Roku TV. So, yeah, I spent $200 today.

The sad thing is that I heard about these when they were announced last July and didn't pay any attention because they kept being compared to Sonos speakers and I don't have any use for Sonos speakers. So in my ignorance, I totally missed the Black Friday deal of $50 that ended not 48 hours ago. Sigh. Oh well.

I can't take it with me.

So the Quit Spending Money re-starts now.

Today it's back to the flannel for my next top. I worked out a whole new plan while I was swimming today. I'm looking forward to putting it into motion.

I've been faithfully recording all the episodes of This is Us. I watched Season 1 with interest and Season 2 with curiosity and hope. But I still can't bring myself to crack open Season 3. Yet. Soon it will be the only thing left on my TiVo.

No other big plans for today. It seems like I say that every day. My agenda stays pretty blank but I never seem to run out of things to do without ever even leaving this house most of the time. It's a good life I've got going on here.

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