Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success finally

I finally had a very successful sewing day. I feel like all my trial and errors lately have been heavy on the errors. But, today, was a success. I got this new pattern down pat and I really do like it. Then I made a second pattern with a variation from the first so now I have two good ones with set in sleeves. I already have a perfect raglan sleeve pattern.

I want a couple more fleece tops but I have no more fun fleece - only boring solids. I keep putting off going to JoAnne's for more because I know I'll spend more money than I want to. So I looked online and found a nice site that has fleece at about half the price of JoAnne's. Bingo. Fleece ordered.

Of course, since making the doctor's appointment, my ear has been totally fine.

Tonight's dinner will be steak and one of those hasselback potatoes and maybe some corn or snap peas.

Time now to fast forward through Ellen.
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