Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Non Manic Monday

I got a cryptic note last week from the building manager that someone would be here today to work on the plumbing lines out on the terrace. It also included a note that I was to clear everything off to make a 5 foot working space around the drain. Since my terrace, like the rest in this building, is only 4 feet wide, I assumed the jackass was cutting and pasting from some memo he found on the street. So 1. I have moved nothing and 2. I'm not laying any money on the likelihood of anyone showing up to do any work at all today. And, of course, no mention of fixing/closing the hole in the ceiling out there or the damage to the drywall in here. But, silly me, it's only been a fucking year since they created the problem. And 3 years since I first reported the leak. So I should just chill.

The HOA president, I believe, is done at the end of this year and a new one will take over. No telling what problems that will cause. My plan is to mind my own business and be grateful the inside damage is actually minimal and whine only here.

The new neighbor boys are either late sleepers OR they got up and out while I was swimming. Dark dark dark over there.

I have a top cut out and ready to sew up. I need to decide on how to do the neckline. I spent some time thinking about it this morning while I was swimming and failed to come up with a great idea. Hopefully one will strike me once I get into it.

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