Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Years ago I was in a grocery store and there was this young mother with a toddler in her cart. The kid was getting ready to throw a loud tantrum and I was getting ready to be very pissed about it when the Mom grabbed a banana and handed it to the kid.

I thought, you idiot, he's too young to even know how to peel it!

Then she turned back to her shopping but said 'ring! ring!' and the kid put the banana up to his ear and proceeded to have a long and involved banana phone conversation. It was still going on when I saw them later in another aisle. It cracked me up and I laughed about it for days. Heck, I'm still laughing.

Just now I looked at my Instagram stories and one of the people I follow has this adorable little boy who has Downs Syndrome. He's always dancing and every day he waters the plants in their yard with diligence and a very empty watering can.

Tonight she (his mother, I presume) caught him talking on the phone. He had what looked like a black iphone up to his ear 'hello? Yes. hello?' Off camera she said 'will you show me your phone?' He held out his arm and she said 'no, not your muscles. I want to see your phone, please.'

This time he held out his phone which was a calculator. Then he started punching the numbers and she asked 'are you calling someone else?' He nodded vigorously and then held the calculator up along side his face and said 'Hello!'

I'm not a kid person. I do not think they are adorable in and of themselves but I am a totally sucker for when they do adorable things.
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