Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done, dun dun dun

Every single bit of clothing in this house is either being worn by me or clean, folded and put away. Including the two pieces of fabric I bought yesterday. Proud.

I printed out a new pattern and put it together. My printer jammed on the paper. First time ever. I was a little offended. But, finally, it decided to play nice. Then I cut out the fabric using up some nice leftover scraps with that fleece I got at Walmart a few weeks ago.

My breakfast casserole turned out amazing. I packed it into storage dishes that can just go right into the microwave. 6 breakfasts.

I have dinner ready to just nuke. It's chicken and dressing - I made double last night to tonight is easy. I usually have breakfast for dinner on Sundays but, hey, I also like to change it up now and again.

The neighbor mystery continues. Regular sized baseball hat guy is still there unpacking stuff but not making much progress. Tall guy and bald guy are gone but there's a new guy in town helping baseball hat guy (who, of course, still has on his baseball hat). They took down the antenna. I wish they'd turn their lights on. It would be so much easier to see.

Ok, time now to watch CBS Sunday Morning. I like to get it in before Monday morning!
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