Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's the little things

For the past three Sundays we've had a 'new' girl on the front desk at the gym and she's opened early all three times. Today I waltzed in 10 minutes early and she was so nice and friendly. It's amusing to me how much a positive difference that makes in at least the first part of my swim.

I scored 4 banana cakes at trader joes. When I got to check out, once again, the terminal and my phone would not talk. I realized then that it was the same terminal as two weeks ago. The really nice cashier called over a manager who fixed it so I could cash out at another terminal which, of course, beeped success immediately. Now I know. STAY away from the express lane!

New neighbors!!! There are three guys standing in the kitchen/living room of the previously empty apartment across the way. One is REALLY tall. One is bald and one is short. The kitchen is small but they are working like a team. Wonder if all three are going to live there? This could be fun. They already get big points for now closing the blinds. Cracks me up when guys wear their baseball caps in the house. The two guys with hair (at least at their necks) have on baseball caps. Bald guy does not.

They are now setting up the antenna. Good priorities, guys. It's one of those that you suction cup onto the window. They just slapped it up. No care for making it look nice or at least not crooked. Funny to watch them work.

My ear is back to hurting. I swam with only one earbud in today. Just took some ibuprofen and also sent a note to my doctor. Tomorrow I will wake up and it will be better. Or it will still hurt and I'll make an appointment and by the time I get there it will be better and then it will hurt again. This has now been going on for amonth. I'm done. I explained the sitch to him in the note and asked for advice. Probably he will tell me to come on in. And I will.

I've got laundry landry-ing. Load 2 of 3 is in the washer now. And I have bread getting sales on the counter. I'm going to make another breakfast casserole but this time with bread instead of tatertots. But the best way is with stale dense bread. I think Trader Joe's bagels are the closest. They are brick hard when you buy them fresh. I cut them (not easy) into cubes and they are now getting stale.

Probably now would be a good time to get off my ass and swap out the wash for the dryer, clean off the kitchen counter, swap out the paper in the printer so I can print a new pattern (heavier than regular paper needed) and washing up the breakfast dishes. So here I go...

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