Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm not a SAD victim but if I were....

It is 3:30 but outside looks more like 5 pm. People who crave daylight and sun really got fucked over today. It's a very Seattle day. Misty and kind of rainy but not really just really wet, heavy, dark air.

I really like a day like this and it seems particularly appropriate for a holiday. It makes it all cozy inside.

I put the new pattern together and made up a toile (a kind of mock up version) and discovered it was not close to being good. So I reworked the pattern entirely. I think I'm close but I still don't want to waste the good flannels so I'm going to use some other flannel that I found in my stash. If it works, then maybe the good stuff.

But, I'm done for now. I have a cat on my lap and a TV in front of me. I think it's time for some crocheting and TV watching. The cat agrees.
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