Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The perfect non-holiday

The gym opened up today but only from 8-noon. So at 8, there was a hoard of sweats-to-be's hanging out waiting to get in. And Mr. NOT ONE MINUTE EARLY was on duty so as the crowd grew he slowed down his opening routine to a crawl. Power grabs take many forms.

But my swim was good. Yesterday I spent some quality time with my swim music playlist and that was a treat. PLUS, the sun came out for a bit and I got to test out the new polaroid goggles. They work better than any others! It's kind of like what I would imagine swimming in a cave would be like. Not something I want to do every day but a hellofalot better than being attacked by the glare.

I toyed with the idea of coming home and going over to 13 Coins for eggs benedict. But, once I got here, I remembered I had excellent omelette ingredients so I made myself what turned out to be a VERY excellent omelette.

Now I am conjuring on the rest of the day. I think I'm going to test a new pattern that I'm hoping will work perfectly for a flannel shirt. I have just enough really pretty green plaid flannel left so I'm going to make the pattern out of an old sheet first just to make sure it's pretty green plaid flannel worthy.

Then maybe a movie. I have my eyes on Crazy Rich Asian or The Book Club.

And speaking of books... In the olden days, I used to read real books - covers, pages, the old timey analog things. I read them for years. Always has at least one going at all times. How did I do it? How did I always have the actual book where I was when I wanted to read? I've totally lost that skill. I'm really enjoying the Kindle but every time I want to read, the Kindle is where I am not. Yes, I can read on my phone but I like the form factor of the Kindle so much more. But, bird in the hand... It's a problem.

Ok, time to print out the pattern and get to work. Maybe 13 Coins for dinner. Maybe not.

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