Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

White Tuesday

It is so foggy here this morning that seeing the apartments across the narrow street out my living room window is almost problematic. The football stadium next to the apartments is totally missing. Getting to the pool this morning and then back home again was dicey.

Today feels kind of settled. Yesterday was unsettled. All my days are the same so it's interesting to me when one feels so much different than another. No bigggie. Just interesting.

My ear continues to threaten to be a problem. Periodically, it really hurts and then it doesn't. Mostly it doesn't but the threat is annoying. At least today it no longer feels blocked up like it did yesterday.

I've got no big plans today. Not even a todo list. I might stroll up to Starbucks later for one of those holiday drinks. But, I might not. I might do some sewing. I absolutely will do some crocheting. I have a new project in the works. I got started on it last night and so far - excellent.

I do need to pick up things around here. The house cleaner comes tomorrow.

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