Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting but not for Godot

I've gotten everything on my list done except finishing that top. I'm not wild about it so I'm thinking maybe different sleeves or something. It will wait.

And that's what I'm doing. I'm waiting for an email about my toothbrush. I have one of those Quip ones that I actually like. Not love, necessarily, but like but now I can't get the fucking battery out of it so I can put in a new one. They have about 100 videos on how to do it and none are helping. They make what looks line one simple, easy pull and out it comes. Not mine. I sent them an email asking for suggestions. The answer they need to send is 'we are so sorry and are sending you new.' I get that answer in 24 hours or I adopt a new toothbrush system. They send a new brush head for $5 every 3 months and the next one is on its way. It will be Return To Sender if they don't step up to the toothbrush plate.

Also I'm waiting to hear from the Swappa Pixelbook guy. He wrote to me on Friday saying he would not be able to ship until Saturday or Sunday. Then crickets. He's on the east coast so it's now EOD for him.

And FedEx has my yarn on their delivery truck. I'm waiting for said truck to get here.

Waiting waiting waiting...

Oh ok, I just got a not-yet-viable tracking number from Swappa guy. Ok. And he says sorry for the delay and he shipped it priority and I should have it Wednesday which is very nice. He's totally off the hook.

It's up to you toothbrush people and Fedex.
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