Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting my tech tickin'!

The everyday swimmer from the club where the bus ran into the pool, showed up for a swim today. It was just the two of us which was nice because she had been afraid of crowding. Her pool is way bigger. The parking lot was missing about half the usual cars. And the traffic was light and lovely. And so the holidays begin.

I got home and promptly killed a solid hour getting a slide show set up on my new Echo Show. It would have taken Zoey (the cat) 10 minutes but I, of course, had to overthink how to actually do it and in the process fucked up several key things that normal people would never consider. Like hitting a button that somehow told Amazon I wanted all the photos on my phone uploaded to Amazon. No Thank You. And reversing that maneuver was not as easy as you might think.

Oh well. Now it's all done and I have a system. I'm pretty sure I can just drop random photos into a folder and they will automagically be added into the rotation.

I hope.

That ear that was bothering me a couple of weeks ago is back into the bothering business again. It still feels more like not an inner ear issue but one more close to the outer ear part. Today is only hurts a little but feels a little like it's plugged up. I'd rather it just heal itself. Murphy's law says it will lay low until Wednesday night and then be screaming painful because the doctor will be closed for Thanksgiving.

The broken Pixelbook continues to be half healthy. Yesterday, it finally started shutting down every 2 minutes so I sent it to bed. I'm using it this morning and so far so good but I'm afraid the trust is broken. Thank goodness I have that tiny but oh so reliable Asus.

I have a bunch of little stuff I want to do today. The biggest problem is going to remembering it. So... list.

1. pack up old echo and old kindle for UPS pickup.
2. make fleece sleeve fo
r new kindle
3. add buttons onto neoprene swimming gloves
4. sew up new shirt
5. laundry
6. fix pocket on swim robe

Well, actually, that doesn't seem so overwhelming when I jot it down. Hmmmm that leads me to think probably I'm already forgetting at least one if not several somethings.

I need to figure out a good ToDo list scheme for Echo.

But first I need to hang up my swimsuit and get dressed!

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