Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Decision made

On weekends, my swim ends during normal daylight hours so stores are open. There are two grocery stores very near the pool. I always debate between the two. Today I went to QFC. In the elevator from their not very convenient parkint there was a notice that they were in the process of redoing the store inventory to add more healthy options so a lot of their regular stuff will be gone. Oh hell no. 1. I want food that tastes good. 2. What you, Giant Food Industry, deems healthy and what is actually healthy are two different things and 3. Your inventory wasn't that good to start with.

Then I get into the store to discover they have hired a bunch of 12 year olds to hand out flyers for buying those $10 bags of groceries for the poor. So, at every turn I've got some kid shoving a paper in my face and I am forced to present the kid with rejection. Such a pleasant experience. (I am not opposed to those $10 bags and buy them whenever Grocery Outlet offers them. Grocery Outlet has them on a table and lets you make the decision. It does NOT pay 12 year olds to attack you.)

And they did not have half the stuff I wanted. AND the clerk in the express (which, connotes fast) lane was in no hurry and happy to chit chat with one of the 12 year olds instead of checking out my groceries.

On the up side, I don't have to spend any more energy on deciding which store to go to for shopping. QFC is off the table. Jerks.

But, I did have a happy pre-swim encounter. This time last year, I was swimming at a different gym. There was a woman who swam every single day just like me. We always waved across the pool every day. Then I changed pools. Well, today, when I got to the gym which wasn't opened yet there was one person waiting outside - it was the lady from the other pool!! The other pool had a bus drive into it about a month ago so it's being fixed. She's planning on trying mine - at least she was. She had to meet with the gym people before swimming and I never saw her in the pool but it was really crowded so maybe I just missed her. It was fun to touch base.

The maintenance guy is now painting the empty apartment across the way. I feel like that building just went up the other day. How could it already need repainting, but, actually, it's been more than 3 years now. Wow.

I'm not happy about movies that you have to buy and cannot rent. This is a trend that I do not like. I have less than zero interest in buying any movie to stream. I barely am interested in renting but buying? nfw

To inaugurate my new Kindle (which does not get here until tomorrow), I bought Michelle Obama's book. I started it on my old Kindle and I can already tell I am going to enjoy it enormously.

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