Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I do not understand the ways of the ticket hawkers for the Mariners. This morning I got an entirely different email with different instructions on how to buy single tickets before they go on sale to the general public tomorrow.

I clicked through out of curiosity and this time they had way better tools. Using the filters, you can actually get a look at the whole stadium and see what seats were available for any individual game. This is what I needed yesterday.

BUT I was rewarded by easily seeing that I did, indeed, procure the best available for both our games. And good I got on it because there were a lot fewer seats available today. So yeah.

I have done precious little today. I keep getting distracted by virtual squirrels.

Also, the apartment across the street - the one I have the best view of - the one I can now finally see into with the leaves gone - appears to be empty!! There was a guy in there today being busy. Finally I got out the binoculars to discover that he was a cleaning guy. Hopefully, he was cleaning it to get ready for the new tenants. He left the light on which is nice for my viewing.
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