Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tickets - I haz 'em!

I got on to the ticket site as soon as the clock struck noon. I would have loved a 'best available' and/or aisle seats only or some kind of help but nope. You have to click on each section and hunt for available seats. BUT, I ended up ok. For the opening game, I have us in the middle of the visitors section (for my nephew's benefit) 15 rows from the field on the aisle. Then on Saturday night, I got us seats up on the next level, 5 rows back. Matt (nephew) was impressed with the seats and I think they will be fun. It cost me just a hair less than the computer I decided I didn't need. Yikes. But, hey, how many times will I turn 70? With my baseball fanatic nephew visiting when his team is playing after they won the world series? Probably not that many.

Also today the new stadium name leaked out. It's been Safeco Field since the day it was born nearly 2 decades ago. Now it's going to be T-Mobile Field/Park/something. That's going to be hard to get used to but baseball parks change their names all the time so now we're just like the good teams!

The interview with the UW team was fascinating. Their work is on data flow and deals with abstract ideas so hard to understand and explain but the two of them were just the neatest people. They were so interesting and interested and sharp and fun. It was just a great experience. They asked if, in the future, they could use me again would I be willing and I assured them I'd be delighted.

After they left, my chromebook had a heart attack. Chromebooks have this neat feature that they call power washing. Basically you just set it back to factory defaults and start again. Since it takes about 10 minutes max to set up a chromebook from scratch, it is a painless procedure. The way I use mine, I really need to do one of those power washes every six months or so. I was way over due. There was an update it needed and when it came back from that it was just having spasms. Fortunately I got control of it enough to do a power wash and now it seems fine. Good thing because the warranty ran out 3 weeks ago. And I just spent all my computer money on baseball tickets.
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