Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A picture's worth...

I made a breakfast casserole. Tatertots, mushrooms, egg, cream and sausage. I meant to add cheese but forgot and didn't have pan room anyway. I haven't tasted it but I'm hopeful. A week of breakfasts.

IMG_20181114_111210 IMG_20181114_122145

And then I made a swimsuit.

I cut out the lining and the suit together so I stack up the fabrics and lay the pattern pieces down.


Then I draw around the pieces so I know where to cut.


The suit and the lining...


The on to the serger to sew up the suit and the lining. I serge up the sides and the top straps and crotch on each.


Then I have two suits,


Next I put the lining inside the suit and match up the edges.


Then on to elastic. I measure out the elastic needed for thighs, arms and neck and sew them into circles. (While I watch podcasts.)


Then I sew the suit to the lining and attach the elastic all in one go. The stitching only has to hold. It won't be seen so it does not have to be pretty. The zig zag stitch keeps it all stretchy without breaking.


Once the arms, legs and neck are all done then I got back over each. I flip the edge over to hide the elastic and stitch that down with a different stitch around each arm and leg and the neck.

And that is all there is to it!

I do sew a button on the front because the suit is so simple it's very easy - at 4:30 am - to confuse the back with the front. The button on the front makes it simple.


In other news my cat is eating me out of house and home. She gets on these eating binges, fortunately not terribly often, where she has to have wet cat food every time I get up from my chair. Today, alone, she's eaten a week's worth and it's not yet 3 pm.

I was thinking about a trip to Starbucks for one of those holiday drinks but then remembered the air. The meter says it's a little better but why risk it. I think I'll just take the trash down to the dumpster instead. Fun times.
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