Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

zyzyly prompts No. 3

--Lemons. You could easily write a few paragraphs about lemons.
--An interesting movie you saw once.
--Three things about poop. No one ever writes about poop, so you'd probably have it all to yourself.
--When you first became aware of Bob Dylan.
--A random memory from childhood.
--A letter you wished you had never sent.
--Some benign thing that no one knows about you

1. Years ago, a co-worker at IBM espoused: There is nothing more overrated than good sex. And there is nothing more underrated than a good shit.

2. I value my possessions by a simple test. If it broke today, would I replace it? One of those for which the answer is YES, Immediately with expedited shipping, is my BioBidet 2000.

3. A few months ago, I started adding a spoonful of that fiber powder (specifically Benefiber) to my first cup coffee in the morning and it has had a delightfully positive effect in the quality, schedule and ease of pooping. (FYI - this could also serve as the response to zyzyly last prompt for which I so far have no good answer... but only if I get desperate.)
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