Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday funday

I never hated Mondays when I was working. I enjoyed getting back into the swing of the real world. Weekends were fun but never long enough and so always frustrating. Now that I'm retired, weekends just suck. Everyone clogs the stores, and no services are available and the pool doesn't open til the sun is out so my swims suck. whine, whine, whine

But, as a Retired Person, I now love Mondays. Weekends are just annoying. Actually, not really. I just like regular weekdays better.

Now having gone through that ridiculous rant, I realize today is not a regular weekday anyway. There's no pleasing me.

But my swim was great. Really great. The pool is still crystal clear and since they have no towels ('until further notice') the population is down. So one whole lane to myself for a half hour and the whole pool to myself for the other half.

Oh and new music. Imagine Dragons produces some great swim music and they have a new album out that I loaded up yesterday and enjoyed the heck out of today.

I finished an excellent book last night. The Good Father by Noah Hawley is a novel about the father of young man accused of assassinating a national political candidate. It's really a thoughtful story and really well told.

Next up I have two books by my favorite authors - Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher and Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch. Reading riches!

On my Kindle, I am also in the middle of a very odd (for me) choice. It's a book by(ish) a former Seattle Seahawk and his wife about their autistic children. The Warner Boys. I think it landed on my Kindle as a freebie but it's so far really interesting.

I got nothing big going on today. Really my only todo is to walk up to the drug store. The closest drug store is one of a local chain that is really nice. But, it is just far enough and up enough of an uphill slope to make the trip not a no brainer. It is way too close to drive (also no parking) but just a smidge on the other side of easy walk. My tracker will be happy.

Soon, the walk will be made more attractive by the opening of a new bakery. 85C is opening a new store just across the street. I don't know when but it looks like they are pretty close. That will be nice walking incentive!

Today walk is just for face lotion. Not nearly as exciting.

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