Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

zyzyly prompts No. 2

--Lemons. You could easily write a few paragraphs about lemons.
--An interesting movie you saw once.
--Three things about poop. No one ever writes about poop, so you'd probably have it all to yourself.
--When you first became aware of Bob Dylan.
--A random memory from childhood.
--A letter you wished you had never sent.
--Some benign thing that no one knows about you

I am not a big movie person. I am not a fan of movie theaters. And 2 hours of watching one thing at home always seems like something I don't have time for. So there actually isn't much in the movie memory reservoir.

But there is one that really left an impression on me and an impression I'm still thinking about now some four years later.


The movie got mixed reviews and I don't even know anyone who saw it but I thought it was amazing. And I thought Jennifer Aniston was amazing. The plot and subject matter are not even things that would ordinarily draw me. Chronic physical and emotional pain are not generally things I enjoy visiting.

But, there was just something about that movie that keeps me thinking about it.
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