Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I hate cooking. I really do. More than 3 ingredients is too many. Stirring, PIA. Preheating oven? no.

I love to eat. And I love to eat what I want to eat. Not some healthy kale-ridden crap for two that the meal services all seem to think that I want to eat.

Every so often I trick myself into thinking I can cook the way I want and produce the foods I want to eat the way I want to cook them -easily no measuring, guessing, using up the stuff in the fridge. My chicken and rice in a crock pot was just such an example. It did not work. Tonight's tuna/chicken noodle casserole is probably going to be the same.

I had a chef once and she made wonderful meals of what I wanted to eat and never once made me eat kale. But, she made my condo stink for days and she was expensive. But man, that was some good eatin'.

oh well.

On the bright side, my little heater is doing exactly what I wanted. It heats up the room nicely and quietly and then I can turn it off and let everything cool down nicely for sleeping. (I need it really pretty cold to enjoy good sleep.)
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