Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now that's a lovely surprise

It turned cold today. Yesterday was chilly and today it got cold. Now, I am a cold weather lover. Until this week, I could never get too cold and was perpetually too warm. I went through menopause years ago and never even got hot flashes - I've always been just a walking global warming.

This condo came with baseboard electric heat which I have never used. In fact about a decade ago, the thermometer was where I wanted some built ins so I just told them to yank it out and cover the hole. My neighbors all around me have supplied plenty of heat for years.

But this week I got cold. Not put a sweater on to fix it cold but hands and feet and head cold. The hat helped but my nose was cold. I wouldn't be too worried if this was April. But we're looking down the nose of months of this. So... I got on Amazon and heater shopped.

I figured all I need is one small ceramic heater that sits on the floor in the living room. Of course, I wanted one with a phone app that Alexa could work but, apparently, heaters as a genre aren't there yet. There are some that claim but it does not take too many reviews to reveal their claims are just that.

So I abandoned that idea and figured a plain old remote would be fine. I finally settled on one and got ready to buy only to see 'delivery on Monday' - WTF??? Are you kidding me? No no no. So I did something I rarely ever ever ever do. I put on my shoes and got in the car and went to a store.

Home Depot had several choices and I narrowed it down to 2. Studied those two and picked one. I got it home and set it up and it looks fine and works fine.

I figured that Amazon probably carried the same model for $10 or $20 less than the $102 I paid. Found it on Amazon and holy crap on a stick, Amazon's selling the same thing for $160! With a Tuesday delivery date. Thank you, Home Depot!

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