Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slow Day

My day didn't start that much later than usual but it sure feels like it did. I can't seem to really get going here. I'm working in little spurts.

I just put some chicken thighs with some rice into the crockpot. I would have loved to have had an onion and maybe some other veggies to toss in but none could be found. I have an apple I can bake up later to go with. That will work. I tried to look up a legit recipe but holyfuckingpopups batman. Join my mailing list, follow me on instagram, watch this video, see this useless popup that does nothing but get in your way.

I can see old timey recipe books coming back into fashion. Recipe websites are just too fucking painful.

Plus, I don't have any of the ingredients they want. I tossed in some spices that I had on hand and sealed her up. 7 hours - ish. I'm hopeful.

Yesterday I wore a dumb looking fleece beanie around all day. I actually liked the feel of the fleece on my head so today I'm going to play around with making a beanie that isn't stupid looking. I also have a flannel shirt cut out and ready to sew up.

I might wander up to Starbucks for Holiday Drink #2 this afternoon and I might not. I feel like I should get out and do stuff but when it comes time to get my shoes on and go, I can't come up with a reason why I should or why I want to so I just mosey on back to this chair and entertain myself here instead. I can't think why that's so bad.

Oh and here's a photograph I snapped this morning. The pool where I swam is part of a recreational complex. On the way out is a basketball court which today was set up as a toddler parking lot. It tickled me.


Also it tickled me that I was able to get such a great photograph from my Pixel 3 through glass into glare. Wow.
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