Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Deep

Every day I swim in a pool who's deepest section is 4 feet. That pool has 3 lanes. Sometimes I'm the only swimmer. Sometimes there are 2 people in each lane. Rarely more than that.

This morning I swam in a pol with a real deep end and 6 lanes and many many many people. It was very different.

My regular pool is treated with bromine (like hot tubs) which is softer than chlorine and way easier on hair color and swimsuits. But, at my pool, it's kind of cloudy. Today's pool was chlorine and crystal clear. Beautiful, actually. A smidge too warm but not terribly.

Getting there was a bitch. It took 20 minutes. I went by way of the interstate which was a mistake. The trucks were in high gear and everyone was out to wipe me off the road. But, I made it. I was the first person in the pool. I went to the side of the deep in and jumped with force and it was such an amazing feeling to go down down down in that crystal clear still water.

This pool has lanes clearly marked - easy, medium, fast. I picked an easy. So when people started arriving, I didn't worry about whether I was too slow, I just kept going. At various times, I shared the lane with 2 and 3 and 4 people but it all was fine. All the other lanes were full as well. It was impressive.

This particular pool, has early morning laps every weekday. Most of the other city pools have them only a few times a week.

I did my mile and by that time there were two very very slow guys in the lane so there were big stretches of time when I could grab the deep end for myself. So I spent about 15 minutes just bobbing up and down and going way down and surface diving. Just horsing around and enjoying the heck out of it.

Coming home was not as bad as I feared it would be. I stayed off the interstate so just pinged from stoplight to stoplight. It took about 30 minutes. Just, again, long and tedious.

The swim was good but not good enough to justify the getting there and back. I need a new Plan C. I was reminded by signs that city pools close for every minor holiday as well as the major ones. At least my gym pool stays open for most all holidays.

Tomorrow it will be back to my little, shallow, almost murky pool. But, since it's Saturday, it will likely be packed with weekend swimmers and I don't mean to imply anything kind in that designation.

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