Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I heard from the guy who's the head of the company that makes my swim player. Yep, he had a morning worse than mine. He ran into the same issue. And knew that anyone else who updated would, too. Like moi. He says the fix will be done quickly.

It actually looks like it has been already but I'm not going to try it - at least not today. Mine is working now and I want to keep it that way.

Plus now he has taken down the old one - the one that for sure works. The new one does more but I don't need/want more so I'm just going to use this one until I can't.

Anyway at least I wasn't responsible for the break and to everyone who ran into it. I am getting a new charging cable out of the deal. Mine's getting twitchy.

My new computer came today. And... It's perfect! It's a great size. With a fabulous little keyboard that is very easy to type on. The listing said there were imperfections (it was an Amazon Warehouse Used/Reconditioned purchase). I can't see any imperfections at all. Excellent $200 spend. I do so love how easy it is to go from box to all set up with a chromebook. During this process I kept running into various small and thin Windows laptops. NFW do I want that kind of overhead. I have one Windows machine that I keep for when I have to have one and that's it. Gimme chrome any day and every day, thanks.

I made 3 fleece beanie hats. Each slightly different. I put one on for a while and discovered that I really liked having a warm head! So I left it on. It's a Mariner's one. This could be good.

I should go out and take a walk but I have lazy-itis. I should pick up all those leaves off the terrace but I have lazy-itis. Maybe I just will sit here and watch something on TV.
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