Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


celluloid_jam reports that when she started the current friendzy, she left her journal locked down - DOH! So if you tried before and got thwarted, you might consider trying again.

I was just sitting here thinking about if I wanted to mess up my clean kitchen with dinner. Nope. But, do I want to go out to eat? Nope. Hmmmm It's Beef Stroganoff night at 13 Coins. But still, nope.

But, wait! I call 13 and order it up and just go pick it up! My tracker would love the steps. I think we have a plan!!

I picked up a book at the library that I was hoping would give me inspiration - Solo Cooking by Anita Lo. If you enjoy cooking as much as she seems to think you do - based on all the shinanigans her recipes put you through - then you really do not need this cookbook. I'm not going to be fucking with all her ingredients and steps. Plus, a gas stove top is clearly required and I have, use and enjoy my induction cooktop. Back to the library for her. No inspiration was had.
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