Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And now I am THAT old lady

I've been getting my haircut at Rudy's Barbershop since forever. They used to have like 3 shops and were very cool. And fun, and nice and cheap and forgiving and gave great cuts. Now they have a couple of dozen here and more in California and I think one in New York and they are hipster and not for old ladies.

Today was the day we broke up. Maybe for good.

I got there early. They had the music so loud I could hear it in my ass and the chair was nowhere near the speakers. The hipster chick at the counter screamed at me (because that was the only way to hear her) to have a seat. I did. And the longer I sat there the worse it got. I thought, I can't leave. I'm an old fat woman and I'll play into every stereotype these kids have. And then more pounding. And I edited my brain to WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT WHAT THESE PEOPLE THINK. I found the hipster chick and told her I was bailing on account of the loud music. She did offer to turn it down but I figure if everyone wanted it that way, far be it from me...

I went up the road to SuperCuts where there was no customers and no music at all of any kind. She cut the fuck out of my hair. I mean practically back to the studs. But, she did it quietly, without chitchat and for cheap.

The Supercuts cut cost me nearly half what a Rudy's cut would have been. Plus, I won't have to go anywhere to get a cut from anyone at all at any price until at least next Summer.

So... not so much a loss all around. Walrus approved.

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