Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For the past few years, I've bought whatever Google wanted me to, pretty much. Particularly in terms of phones and tablets and chromebooks. This year, I plan to do the same. And I would have had they been ready on announce day. I bought the phone and I love it. But the tablet/chromebook they announced only came with an offer to waitlist.

Yesterday I got an email saying they were ready. I had done my research and put my choices in my cart. And I stopped. Do I really want to spend $1,300? I'd like a backup chromebook and I'd like another tablet that is not a Fire. But, I really don't need all the Google glitz and power. They hit out of the park last year with the Pixelbook. I'm nearly tempted to get a second one of those.

I did not hit buy. I went to Amazon and scored a small Asus chromebook for $200 which will work just fine. I'll get a Samsung Tab A if the price plummets or I decide I can't live without another tablet.

Sorry, Google. I love you, but, not this time.

I made a mistake in yesterday's journal entry. zyzyly had posted some fun writing prompts and I copied the list but attributed them to remlap. In other LJ friends news, I went to celluloid_jam's friendzy and started adding 'friends' only to discover that I had added them before and they never added me back. Like most journals these days, their journals are locked down so I couldn't read them before and can't read them now. Sigh. Oh well.

Jeopardy is having a two week teen tournament later this week. I hate all Jeopardy tournaments except the Tournament of Champions. So, I'll get getting back 22 minutes every day for two weeks. I can live with that.

A while back the Chrome browser started making it very easy to clear cookies individually, by domain name or all together. (Settings>Advanced>Content Settings>Cookies>See All Cookies And Site Data - here you can search for things like CapitalOne.Com or Mint or really anything that involves site id and then find more info or delete.

Lately, whenever I hit a site issue twice, I go out those cookies and so far 10 times out of 10 times the problem has been fixed. Today, Mint would not connect with Discover. No matter what I did. So I went in, killed all the Mint cookies and the Discover cookies and everybody was happily cooperating again.

Wow, I just saw a picture of Calgary's new library it's gorgeous and... it has a train!

Today is house cleaner day and hair cut day - these will happen at the same time. They house isn't too bad. It will be happier with a cleaning but the hair is a good two weeks past it's cut date. I also need to pop by the library to pick up a good and stop by that neat grocery market down the block from it. That might not all happen today. Grocery/library may get saved for tomorrow.

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