Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I just looked out to see the stadium parking lot full of semi trailer trucks to I hopped on over to the Century Link Field calendar and the first thing I saw - tonight - is Taste The Seahawks. Ok EWWW and ugh and no thanks. Digging through nasty football gear to taste giant, sweaty, grunty players... I'll pass.

But, the semis are, more than likely for the auto show here this weekend. Also I see that there's a MLS playoff game Thursday. That will be fun.

My feeds this morning from Twitter, Instagram, even LJ and Reddit are nothing but demands that I vote today. I was getting whiny and cranky about it until I realize that at least it's my election. Those poor people in other countries must be REALLY annoyed. At least that thought makes me feel better. Sorry, people from other countries.

My ear is much better this morning. It's still a little funky but not enough to even warrant more ibuprofen. So whew.

I think today will bring runs to both Goodwill and to Costco. I can get the stuff I want to get and get in a little walk (by parking far away) as well. If I stay here as I am wont to, I'll just be getting more and more annoyed by all the demands that I go vote.

daphnep zyzyly Tossed off some writing prompts this morning which tickle my fancy. So... over the next 7ish days, these topics will be covered in this journal. Just a warning.

--Lemons. You could easily write a few paragraphs about lemons.
--An interesting movie you saw once.
--Three things about poop. No one ever writes about poop, so you'd probably have it all to yourself.
--When you first became aware of Bob Dylan.
--A random memory from childhood.
--A letter you wished you had never sent.
--Some benign thing that no one knows about you

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