Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You lose! In the nicest possible way.

I usually average between 11,000 and 13,000 'steps' a day. About 8,000 of them I get from swimming. Garmin translates. Today I'm looking at fewer than 4,000. But it's been a lovely day.

I made a lot of socks - not all successful but some were. I'm still not sure of what the trick is. A work in progress. I gave up and switched out the thread in my machines to get ready for the next project - a flannel shirt.

I was just sitting down to think about what to do next, when Frank called. "Wanna meet for coffee in an hour?" YES!! For various reasons, I hadn't seen Frank to catch up in ages. We had a great visit and made plans for adventures.

Now I'm home with a cat draped across my arm. I cleaned the kitchen. I took a load of trash down to the dumpsters.

There will be breakfast for dinner tonight but first I think I'll watch CBS Sunday Morning.

The coffee shop had a fabulous exhibit up by an artist named Jenny Fillius. I came home and looked her up. She works with tin bits and they are amazing. I'm going to go back tomorrow and look more closely. I may have to come home with a piece.

Oh and the Garmin challenge?

Paul H. 86,054
Me 71,201

There are 7 hours left but my ass is done for the day.
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