Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Starbucks for the fail

It was raining steadily but, hey, I have a raincoat. So off I went to get my holiday drink. But, Starbucks was closed! Apparently it closes on weekends? WTF. I'm not sure that's even legal. If it is, it shouldn't be.

There's another one another Starbucks about 3 blocks further up the road but by that time I was pissed. So I went one block further up to the sewing shop. They had a couple of fun knits but I left them there.

I came home and made myself a hot chocolate. A lot cheaper than Starbucks anyway.

BUT, the trip was a success. The raincoat is wonderful. Having a coat that fits so perfectly is amazing. The pockets are right where my hands want to go. The front hangs flat and perfectly even before it's even zipped up. The hood is exactly the right size and the fastening mechanics work perfectly. And it keeps me dry. It's so satisfying.

And my hot chocolate is delicious.
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