Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool was a madhouse this morning. About 15 minutes after I started my swim, it just got too crowded. The woman sharing my lane was all over her side and mine. Then another regular - a really nice young girl who only swims 20 minutes at a time - came in. No room anywhere. We agreed to circle swim our lane but the original woman could not understand how to do it. She kept running into us. Fortunately she left about about 10 minutes of collisions. Weekend swimmers think they own the pool. I really hate weekends.

My ear has been hurting. I can press my face just below the ear and it's tender and tugging on my earlobe is also tender. At least it's not an inner ear problem. But, I don't want any problem. I only wore the earbud for music in the other ear today for my swim.

Between the pool crowded with fools and my ear, I am giving serious thought to taking tomorrow off. The decision would be a slam dunk except for this Garmin challenge. If I don't swim John H will surely win. I'm still ahead now. Competitive? Me? What makes you say that?

My Flickr account flagged me this morning to tell me about the changes. And offer a discount for paying up now. Thanks, Flick! $35 for a years worth of Flickr. Not a bad deal at all. I store all my photos automagically on Google but Google's 'share photos on other websites' options suck and mostly do not work. Flickr makes it easy peasy. So we're all good now. At least for a year.

I am not a fancy coffee person. I drink two cups of regular drip coffee every day - black no sugar. Once in a blue moon, I'll go nuts and have a cup of hazelnut flavored coffee. The only time I've ever bought any coffee at Starbucks was back when I was working. Starbucks gift cards were the thank you currency. But, now, I'm enticed by their Christmas drinks. I want a
Caramel Brulée Latte and a Peppermint Mocha and a Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. So I guess Starbucks and I will be, at least temporarily, besties. Maybe even starting this afternoon.

But, first there will be socks. I found this pattern (Instagram, thank you) a week or so ago and made a pair - they were great and a great way to use up leftover bits of knit fabric. And then another pair but better. And then another but this time better and finally, I nailed it. They are the perfect weight, the perfect texture and my shoes don't eat them like most other socks.

I have a new flannel shirt all cut out and ready to assemble but I think today I'll be making socks instead. I'm thinking a dozen pair. or until I run out of scraps whichever comes first.

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