Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday, I caught this action at the elevator. Someone in this building was having an 80 inch TV delivered. There is no unit in this building that is big enough to make sense out of an 80 inch TV. My 55 inch is pushing it. I have no clue which unit. Just as well, I'd be very judgy on whoever it is.


Flickr is changing the rules again and, again, everyone is up in arms about it. I used to pay them $50 a year for increased storage. Then, 7 years ago they started offering a terabyte of storage for free so I changed my account from paid to free. Now they are going back to the paid model and everyone is outraged. The price is about the same - $50 a year. The way I figure it, I got $350 worth of free photo services. Thank you, Flickr. I do wish you'd bring back the direct to LJ feature but I get why you don't. I still appreciate all you do.

The 4th and 1st quarters of every year are when my big bills come due. The Mariner tickets start it off and it ends with the real estate tax bill in February. This morning I made a list of all of them. $25,000 worth. Geesh. Each month I do put aside $ to prepare but not enough this time. I wrote off to my finance guy that we'll be needing to make some liquid in the next few months. I'm so grateful that 1. I have a finance guy who I dearly love and trust and 2. I have investments that keep me from being a bag lady and, in fact, enable me to lead a really nice retired life.

Yesterday I did three loads of wash and put everything away. I hate doing laundry so when it all gets done like that, I feel so accomplished. And happy to not have that on the list of things to do today.

I may make a trip to Grocery Outlet today but for sure I'm going to piece together my latest new top and get the test fabric cut out. I scored two plaid flannel sheets at Goodwill yesterday. I'm planning on a couple of plaid flannel shirts. I probably have enough fabric for 3. Not bad for $6. But before I cut into the sheets, I'm going to test the pattern using some regular fabric I really don't like (again, from old sheets).

But, first, I think I'll get dressed and hang up my wet swim suit.

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