Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Mariners sent out the renewal info for next Season today. I got Plan B which, for me, is the best plan of the four offered. You don't get to chose but I think you maybe can switch plans if you want to. I do not want to.

I have July 4 which is a day game and could be a hot one but maybe not. But I'm ok with it. July 4 just seems like a day that should be spent at a baseball game.

I only have one other for sure hot day game and it's a Yankees game in August. It will be an easy ticket to sell if that's what I decide to do.

But best of all, I have the final game of the season. Closure.

I did buy the swag package. For $135 you get one of every one of the giveaways for the season. It's really two boxes of mostly junk but I'm a sucker for baseball junk.

So with that add on, my bill came to $5555.00. By the time the first game happens, the pain of that price will be long forgotten. And I'll have a summer of entertainment and excellent food. (The tickets are for Diamond Club)

April 1 Mon LAA (Dodgers) 7:10
April 14 Sun HOU (Astros) 1:10
April 25 Thu TEX (Rangers) 7:10
April 30 Tue CHC (Cubs) 7:10
May 19 Sun MIN (Twins) 1:10
May 29 Wed TEX (Rangers) 12:40
June 1 Sat LAA (Dodgers) 7:10
June 4 Tue HOU (Astros) 7:10
June 17 Mon KC (Royals) 7:10
June 21 Fri BAL (O's) 7:10
July 4 Thu STL (Cardinals) 1:10
July 20 Sat LAA (Dodgers) 7:10
July 23 Tue TEX (Rangers) 7:10
July 26 Fri DET (Tigers) 7:10 (w/ fireworks show)
Aug 10 Sat TB (Rays) 6:10
Aug 23 Fri TOR (BlueJays) 7:10 (w/ fireworks show)
Aug 28 Wed NYY (Yankees) 1:10
Sept 13 Fri CWS (White Sox) 7:10 (w/ fireworks show)
Sept 25 Wed HOU (Astros) 7:10
Sept 29 Sun OAK (A's)12:10

Last year our package included no fireworks shows. One of my game buddies raised holy hell with the Diamond Club people. Guess it worked!
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