Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Made it!

Small children screaming up and down the hallway outside my condo brings out the very worst in me. We have more kids living here now than we ever have. For the most part, however, they are not often seen and rarely heard. So one night a year I just grumble and mumble to myself while I turn up the volume on the TV so I can't hear them.

I do love November 1, however.

So far I've frittered a good bit of at least the morning away internetting. It was after 9 before I hung up my swimsuit, got dressed and started the laundry. Considering that I've been up for 5 hours, that's not a productive start. But, whatever.

Yesterday I finished off my latest top and it may be my favorite yet. It's made from the bits left over from other projects and I love how they don't match but go together perfectly.


Today I will absolutely be going to Goodwill. I have two large bags of stuff already pulled out and ready to go. It's easier to go drop them off than to stuff them back into the hamper or closet or where ever.

Also I need to go buy paint. I have about 8 or 9 different colors of paint in this house - 12 if you count trim. From time to time, I need less than a thimble full to fix or repair or cover up some issue or another. So a while back I got little paint bottles from Amazon that store paint with a brush built in. In a very messy operation, I poured a sample of each color into these little bottles. I knew I didn't have them all but I had most. And making small patches is so easy and quick.

Yesterday I patched a couple of holes I made when I was hanging up some coat hooks. I went to my little paint supply shelf to discover that the one color missing was, of course, the one color I needed. Danke, Murphy.

So, today I'm off to buy a pint (the smallest quantity they sell) of that color. Happily, I have an empty little patch bottle for it already.

And maybe a lox + trimmings bagel for lunch. My lasagna last night was about a half fail. I didn't cook it long enough or hot enough. And there was not enough cheese. BUT, there is a lot left and it is all totally correctable. So that will be dinner.

No other plans for the day - just another luxurious go-with-the-flow day. Here I go!

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