Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

well, looky there!

I got all my errands done and only forgot one (inconsequential) thing. Lunch was Subway. It's been a long time since I've had a subway sandwich so it was nice to catch up with an old friend but I also now remember why I don't go out of my way to find a Subway when I want a sandwich.

Home Depot had a ton of staff on hand in a store where usually it's hard to find anyone for any kind of help. I asked one guy a question and he was not only very helpful, he was sharp and witty and fun! In an orange vest. Cool. I replaced the halogen bulbs with LED's which were a lot cheaper (they are subsidized by the power company).

When I got home and got up there to replace them I made 2.5 discoveries. The light fixture isn't really fixed to the ceiling too well. Dangly-ish. But I got the bulbs in and the lights work so the dangly issue can wait until my brother comes in January. I also discovered the ceiling was filthy with soot - from the halogen lamps? It might need to be repainted but it might just wipe off. I'm staying away from it until the fixture is fixed.

My TV chair needs some more back support sometimes. I've been using a small back pillow which kind of does it. But, when I got up on the day bed to change the bulbs, I found the pillow that came with the chair! I wasn't fond of the covering so I just hid it behind some other pillows on that bed.

It's a nice, long pillow that will fix the back issue perfectly.

A while back I started crocheting a table runner. I had some vague plans about using it in the hallway. But when I brought the pillow to the chair, the runner was right next to it and... OMG, I can totally make that runner into a pillow cover!


It was too long on one side so I ripped the too long part off and now I'll square up the one side and then do another and stuff that pillow right in there.


And I got good sewing done And I'm ahead in my Garmin challenge. I mention the latter because it's quite clear that situation is temporary. Paul H is going to leave me in the dust here pretty soon. Sigh.
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