Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool was quiet this morning. It was nice. I had toyed with the idea of skipping this morning's swim but then I remembered I got another challenge so I needed the Garmin points. It's not Ernie this time but Paul H. Of course, then, after my swim, I remembered that the challenge doesn't start until tomorrow. Ha. I'm glad I went anyway.

galebird pointed out that JoAnne's was such a mess yesterday because of Halloween. Doh. Of course. I had been very Halloween conscience about going to Goodwill but forgot to consider the other obvious places. I was very grateful she pointed that out otherwise, I'd figure JoAnne's was just off the list for all Saturdays.

I just saw a delicious looking breakfast on Instagram. The restaurant is not terribly out of the way going from the pool to home. So I went to their website to find out more. The menu looked like it could be good but it took a million clicks to find out where the fuck the place was!! Common people. An address so I can find you is kind of up there with CRITICAL INFO! Never mind. I've lost interest now.

Also on Instagram this morning, I learned of a new website/service for knitters and crocheters. It opens on Wednesday and says it's "like Netflix for knitting and crocheting". Unlimited patterns. $12 a month. Say what???? Too rich for my blood. Plus I get all of the data organization and community I need from Ravelry for $0.

Now, if someone wants to organize this around sewing, I could justify $144 a year. But knitting and crocheting? Nope.

I am not a big video person. I use YouTube for tips on threading my serger and mastering particular yarn stitches and in hopes that someone uploaded another episode of Corner Gas or the Sewing Bee. Oh and to see the tech videos of MKBHD. But rarely more than that. Somehow I stumbled on this one and I keep watching it over and over again. I'm smittin'.

Ok. Now I need to go get that serger actually threaded with the new thread. I may or may not do much sewing today. I have lots of TV that needs watching. There will be no random trips to JoAnne's or anywher else. The Sounders have a soccer game in the stadium so my car's going nowhere.
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