Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm getting slower and slower in my swimming. I honestly don't care, I just think it's interesting. Since I swim the same yardage every day, slower means more swimming so win? The pool wasn't terribly crowded. I did have to share with a lane hog but only for about 15 mins. Then, the rest of the time I was free to mind wander.

I needed to grocery shop after my swim but thought I'd be better off with a little breakfast first. I went into a French bakery and got a pastry and coffee. The pastry was a very bad bake (watched too many 'best' baking shows? I'm watching the latest Canadian version now). I didn't even finish it. The grocery had a power outage last night and they had tossed out all the perishable foods so while I found everything I wanted, it was easy not to get more since the shelves were bare.

Also I may do some laundry. And crochet and TV. So a Normal Day here at SDHQ.
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