Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I made a coat! Almost

Instead of one coat fits all, this year I wanted a rain coat and an extra warm coat. I figured out the pattern for the rain coat a while back. The fabric was hard to find and the thread has been a bitch to get.

But the extra warm coat has been a project - the planning of it, I mean. I found several patterns that I thought would work but I could not decide which one. I've been hunting and deciding and picking and choosing now for a month. Then last week, I started to get an idea.

I have a jacket/wrap pattern that I dearly love. Easy on and off, comfortable, nice looking, etc. So I took that pattern and made it longer - car coat length - and made the fronts wider so they overlap/wrap nicely and then made the high collar into a hood. In my mind.

I lived with that idea for a while and today got the pattern out and fiddled with adjustments. I made a test hood and figured out how to set it on the collar and then found some perfectly acceptable fabric in my stash.

I made two coats. One blue/one brown. Tomorrow I'm going to turn one inside out and sew it to the other all around the edges. I'll have one reversible, really warm coat. I got it all ready to join up today but it was too late to finish so tomorrow.

I'm quite jazzed about the idea. And have my fingers crossed that there's not some fatal flaw in my plan.

Spaghetti for dinner. I'm going to toast a bagel and add garlic butter to go with.
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