Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I can count, on one hand, the number of times I've left the grocery store with everything I needed. No matter how many lists I makes, have, check and double check, I will always forget something. Always.

Today I popped in for just a few things before meeting Barrie. The Safeway was just a block from the coffee shop so I walked. And, while there, I remembered the one thing I forgot this time so after we were done, I went back to Safeway and got it!! I'm all caught up grocery wise. For Once In My Life.

First I did stop at the tire place. I got out to go inside and a dude came running out of the garage to ask what I needed. Nice. I told him and he hopped right on it. Turns out the back tires were both down about 4 pounds. He evened me all out and the tire light went out immediately. And has not come back. It now feels weird to drive with no warning lights at all!

I had a great visit with Barrie. We agreed to do it again before Christmas.

The coffee shop is also a flower shop. While we were there, the florist came up to our table and looked at me and said "you are a LA Fitness 5 am person, aren't you?! me, too!" I honestly don't remember her but I'll be on the look out now. I was just wondering the other day why I never see any gym people outside of the gym. Timing is weird but fun.

I got an email from Google about my phone trade in. Last year was the first time they offered this. They sent an envelope for return and offered a healthy amount. But, there was no tracking or communication of any kind. And it took about 3 months to get the $$. This time, I captured the USPS tracking number and had been watching it. It says the phone will get there tomorrow. But, this morning I got an email from Google that says: "Your Trade In package has arrived at our warehouse. Thanks for sending it in. We complete most Trade In assessments within 3 business days. Look for an update from us soon." Overcorrecting?

The headlines say I'm losing even more money today. I don't think I'm even going to look.

It's so wonderful to come home to a perfectly clean house.
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