Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The usual

The internet had a list of three symptoms for the code I got off the car diagnostics. I've got none of the three. Then it said 'if no symptoms, just clear the code and carry on'. So I sent a note to the mechanic with the new info and suggesting we do that and he said that sounded on point. One tire was down a smidge. I topped it off and cleared that error out. I thought about taking the car out to test all this but I had nowhere I really wanted to go and tomorrow morning is soon enough.

Back up here I cleaned the sewing room and did some mending/fixing. The shirt I put on this morning had sleeves that were too long. A bit of topless serging, put the shirt back on and it's been a great wear today.

The fog lifted a little today but now it's back to white out conditions. So weird.

At lunch time I looked and was uninspired by what I had on had so I sat down to consider options and saw where Uwajimaya was having a poke sale so I did my walk and gathered lunch and dinner all in one trip. Soooo efficient.

Lovely afternoon of doing retired stuff aka nothing important. Just now I had a fight with the printer. I lost but that's because I chose not to eat up my evening in further sparing. Tomorrow morning, that printer will be my slave once again.

Time now for some TV.
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