Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It was/is so foggy out this morning that getting to the pool and home was really dicey even independent of the car issues. That was in the dark. Now it's daylight and I cannot see the stadium which is right across a very small street. This is not little cat feet stuff, this is mountain lion in uggs fog.

My Amazon order got here at 7 pm which I thought was pretty acceptable. This morning I plugged in the OBDII and fired up the app and it said my issue was something misfiring. It gave me an error code and a web link but I figured I'd wait til I got home. Well, no. After it loses touch with the unit, it gives up. So I have to go back down there and start the car up and tell it to send me the log. But, still. 1. Very cool that I can so easily get the dets and 2. If it were actually misfiring something on an engine that small, I'm sure I'd feel it.

The tires look fine. I did not check them with the gizmo because I needed coffee and breakfast more but will when I go back down there. I'm really thinking more and more that the issue may be the wiring on the sensors.

I started my second crocheted sock last night. The first was bit of a mystery solving learning curve. This second one is going great. Nice, easy project and, to me, a lot more satisfying than knitting socks. However, making socks out of sewing scraps is the most satisfying of all. I'm thoroughly socked at this point.

I also finished another non-invisible shirt- this time dragons with cars and trucks for arms. I'm guessing there aren't too many shirts like this at the nursing home.


I'm really enjoying my new phone. I discovered this morning that it fits perfectly in a little drawer in the car. I have a perfect vertical view of the screen and it's snug enough not to get jostled out. So... car mount problem? SOLVED!

Plus the wireless charging. heaven. It has this cool call screening option. When the phone rings, you can answer, send to voicemail OR screen. The screen is a computer voice asking for more info. My brother got the same phone and he got his first call to screen. I haven't gotten mine yet. BUT there is one number that keeps calling me. I had marked it as spam but I unspammed it just so I could do the screening trick. I hope they call today.

I just discovered that my IP cam was no longer streaming... I fiddled with the settings and then worked on whether or not I cared and then finally decided to try rebooting and if that didn't fix it, then abandon. It fixed it. So abandonment postponed.

IP cam is Nest cam is

I took my trade in Pixel 2 to the post office on the way back from the pool. The box said the first pickup was at 8 am so I'm refreshing the tracking number already. No joy yet.

I think I'll get dressed and go down to the car and get to work.

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