Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had the pool mostly to myself this morning. I wondered where all those swimmers at my old pool - the one that was trashed by the RV - were swimming today. That pool had 6 lanes and most were shared so a dozen swimmers every morning from 5-6. That gym's website yesterday said they are going to take the time now to resurface the pool (it really needed it) and redo the lighting as well as fix the Giant Gaping Hole. So those folks are going to be in dry dock for months.

I am on this Google deal where I let them follow my browsing in return for $. Every 5 weeks I get $10. And every single time, the email from Google telling me about the reward for allowing Google to follow my Google Chrome browsing, gets trapped in Gmail and comes in to me with a massive red banner suggesting that the email is harmful. It cracks me up, every single time.

My brother got a new Pixel phone, too. He got the big one and his arrives today. He's never had a made-by-google phone before plus his last Samsung broke about a month ago so he's been using an aged piece of shit. I'm quite excited for him to get his today and for me to get mine tomorrow.

One of my remote control shades has been acting up. Yesterday I spent some quality time with it and, as one of the troubleshooting steps, I swapped out the batteries. My old shades, the original remote shades, were fashioned in such a way that changing out the batteries was the world's worst experience ever. Turns out, with these new ones, they have fixed that. This time it was a piece of cake yesterday and fixed the shade immediately. Now that I know how easy it is, I will, be swapping out the others at the first sign of trouble.

I want to get some fleece fabric and joanne's is having a sale and their store at SouthCenter has every fleece fabric imaginable and they are having a sale right now. I have nothing going on today. I could easily go, but, I'm too lazy.

So I think I'll make today just a piddling - do this and that day. But I have been neglecting my walks so there will be at least one of those.

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