Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

buh bye blahs

This day is working out much better than it started. I feel better.

I have two yarn projects going but both are big and heavy and make my arm sore if I work on them for more than 30-45 minutes at a time. I was thinking I needed a small project. Crochet squares always work. But... then, on Instagram this morning I saw a sock pattern for socks that are crocheted and worked from the toe up. Ohhhhhh can I do it? Well, let's see! So started a sock on a crochet hook.

Then I did some sewing - an embellishment idea that I also got from Instagram this morning. It worked out particularly well.

Then the second of my wall coat hooks arrived so I put them up. That was a fucking nightmare. I should have waited until my brother comes in January. I know it isn't hard. I had all the right everything I needed, I just did it wrong - several times. Stuff like that always makes me feel like an idiot and when it's done I don't get enough satisfaction out of having done it to make it worthwhile. When my brother does it, I don't watch and love the result and he did it.

BUT it is done. This replaces what was basically a gynormous pile of coats and jackets and hats and bags with a poll sticking up the pile's butt. And the whole thing sticking out in the hallway. Way much better and that 95% of the time I do not have that light on so it's rather a dark corner and no one can the the flaws I created in the wall.


Now I think I'll wash my hands and get to crocheting.
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