Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

OMG!! Festuche has a cousin!! Palaver!!

Years and years ago, a colleague of mine either made up or revived a very little know but exceedingly useful word.


In 2003, I wrote about it here in my journal. I still get comments now and again from IBMers or family members of same because, depending on your Google profile, my name/journal is likely to come up when you google "festuche"

From that entry:

It's pronounced fess-toosch (accent on the second syllable). A festuche is a brohaha or a big deal or a tado. "He forgot to get the approval and pretty soon we had a major festuche." or "She's such a drama queen. She could make any staff meeting into a real festuche."

I'm trying to learn English English via LJ friends and Acorn TV. The slang and idioms common in England always throw me so I often look them up in hopes that I can at least grasp the content.

Today I was reading along when dimity_blue laid a whole new word - not even slang or idiom on me.

Palaver which is basically a festuchie conversation!

I love this so much. So much. I want to have a palaver about it.
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