Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

fighting the blah

Generally, when someone politely asks me how I am - particularly someone like a clerk or wait person - I always answer brightly "Excellent!!". Saturday, the checkout lady at Trader Joes responded "wow. I never hear that. Cool." I usually am excellent! Why wouldn't I be? I have the best life, I have had the best life. I have a beautiful home, health and the means to do and have what I want. What's not to be excellent about?

But, today is just a blah day, I think. I didn't really enjoy half of my swim. The second half was a slog. I would usually focus, naturally, on how easy it was to wake up at 4:30 on a Monday and how great it is to have a nice pool to go to - that costs me nothing! And how lucky I am to enjoy even half a mile of swimming. But today is just blah.

My winter comforter was too wintery for last night. I need the in between one. Yes, I have way too many comforter choices. But today I'll swap.

The mystery packages are mostly no longer a mystery. The fabric company decided to send my two fabrics separately but only send one tracking number. Weird but ok. Another one was the box and packaging for sending my current phone to Google for trade in money. Won't be doing that until the new one gets here which may or may not be this week.

The charge for the phone and the two docking stations that I ordered on the same day last week appeared in my credit card review under pending. This means either the charge has hit the card and is being reviewed OR the vendor is just asking approval for a future charge. If the charge moves from pending to charged, then it's the former. If it moves from pending to disappears, it is the latter.

The Google charges all disappeared. Google charges when it ships. So... it has not shipped yet, sigh - which means, likely, it won't get here this week. blah.

No big plans for today but that's not blah, that's just usual. I do need to get unfunked, tho. Guess I'll go figure out how to do that.

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