Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some good some not that good

I expected the pool to be empty today. Everyone professes to be rabid Seahawks fans and today they play in England at 10 am our time. So... I figured everyone would be glued to their TV. Turns out, no. The pool was packed. I shared a lane with Will who is not a good lane sharer. Nice guy but he takes his half out of the middle. He usually only swims for 20-25 minutes but today he wouldn't stop and my arms were tired and I decided that I could quit early. On Sundays. If I want. And I did. So at 1000 yards, I bailed.

Yesterday I saw this delicious breakfast on Instagram and decided to go get one. It's not a straight shot from the pool to the restaurant and so rather than noodle out the best route, I asked Google.

Until yesterday, Google had been ignoring me totally or not answering with anything even remotely helpful. But, yesterday I tried it and he gave me a good answer. So today I asked for directions to the restaurant. They popped right up. A reasonable route. IF there had not been construction and closed roads that Google ignored - 2 different places - and turned my 10 minute trip into a 20 minute one.

The restaurant was just opening so plenty of good seats out of direct sunlight and good service. The eggs were poached really well, but the hollandaise was made from powder (and not even good powder). There was some kind of weird some spice in the thing that was just off putting BUT the potatoes were perfection.

Then on to a Safeway nearby. The Safeway used to be fabulous. It was new and shiny and geared to singles and just a lovely place. Ohhhh are those days gone. First there were no carts. Then the shelfs were about half stocked. The police were there about a customer who had attacked a cashier. The produce section was great. The dairy section was a mess. Very few items had future sell by dates. And there were a few people wandering around talking to the various grocery items. It was just a nightmare. I did manage to get all I wanted. Score for making a list before I went, and remembering to check it while I was there!

So now I'm home. Last night I woke up cold several times. Clearly it's time to put the spring/fall comforter away and bring out the big guns. Usually I switch too soon but somehow I missed that this year. I love my winter comforter. So this is all very good. Tonight's sleep will be a snuggly one.

I may make a run over to the fabric store that I hate. It's at least close by and I want to find a better zipper than the one I have on hand for my new rain coat. I may or may not get started on cutting that out today. Maybe.

But first I'd better hang up my wet swimsuit and put the groceries away.
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