Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

this 'n that

I've been using my albuterol inhaler in the mornings now for about a week. All has been fine. I decided this morning to try it without it. Swimming was fine but I could tell the difference with the rest - getting dressed, climbing the stairs, etc. So I guess that will be a thing now. Albuterol in the mornings. Small price to pay for good breathing.

I do always worry that my breathing (or really any medical) issues are psychosomatic. But like Dr. Lung says, at this point, we are really treating symptoms so I guess psychosomatic symptoms count.

I had this coat rack by the front door. It was an attractive, free standing one. But it was always covered in coats and bags. You could not only not tell it was attractive, you just saw a pile o' shit when you first walked in the door. So yesterday it went to Goodwill.* I'm replacing it with two of these hung on the wall.

I ordered them from Amazon and ordered them individually with the slow delivery for $1 off electronic media coupon. One came on Tuesday and the other one does not get here til Monday. So now I have a blank wall and it is startling every time I walk by.

*It was too big for the car so I looked to see if I could unscrew the base. Lo and behold, VERY CLEVER ME had taped the allen wrench on the bottom for when I needed to unscrew it! Very impressive.

I've got nothing that absolutely must be done today and lots of stuff I can do. I think maybe today's walk will be over to Uwajimaya. It's their anniversary so they have fun deals and displays. And I can pick up lunch and dinner. And get in a nice walk.

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