Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Red Apple Grocery
Trader Joe's

Those are all the places I'd like to go today while the house cleaner is cleaning. Sadly, they are nowhere near each other. I think I'll move Trader Joe's to Saturday. And the library/Red Apple to maybe tomorrow or Friday. Today I'll do Goodwill and Michaels.

I worked out all of that in my head while I swam. While I swam badly. Usually, I get into the water and just go and it all works. My arms and legs move like they should and my head and neck swivel so I can breathe and I don't think about any of it. Today I swam like someone who has never been in the water before and who's only lesson was an animated gif. It really cracked me up. Happily it matters not one whit. No one is watching and they can't really see that well even if they do. I'm really only in it for fun and fun is not technique dependant!

My robot, seen here with me last June, was back on duty today!! He's been MIA for a couple of weeks at least. I was worried. When I drove by this morning it was still dark. In the dark his lights are magnificent. I'm going to have to stop and get another selfie of us. Soon.


Boston knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs last night. I'm not watching any of the games but am/was keeping an eye on the scores. While I'm not a Boson fan by any means, I do appreciate their ensuring that the Yankees take an early exit. Don't let the door...

I'd better go sweep up all the Goodwill donations and get ready to hit the road when she gets here.

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