Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random stuff

I have no idea why I did but I just looked up the Yelp reviews for my gym and holy christ. It stop being an amazing place about two months after it opened in 2015. It has, at times, been pretty scummy. This past year, it's been the same. Not terribly clean, massive staff turnover, holes in the ceiling, random stuff broken... I'm not one single bit fastidious but no way in hell would I shower without shower shoes on. The pool has been really pretty darned good since February when I started swimming there every day again.

But, the Yelp reviews for the last six months? OMG it's hard to believe the health department and criminal court system haven't made them close down. The reviews describe a place that is toxic in both bacteria and management. They make me ever so grateful that the pool is fine and continues to be fine.

I found out that the new phone comes with exactly the earbuds I ordered. BUT they won't let me cancel the order so I'll need to refuse delivery which will be ok unless they use Ontrac like they did last year. But, at least it's not a big shipping deal.

Otherwise, I kind of just futzed this day away with little things but I blew off my walk around the block. Bad Me. I did get stuff picked up so the house cleaner can clean tomorrow.
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