Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Different strokes for different folks - random thots

I totally understand why Columbus Day has been changed to Indigenous People Day. I get it, but I was not offended by Columbus Day. I understand why the Atlanta and Cleveland baseball teams have names that offend some. But none of that bothers me much.

I'm offended by people buy ripped jeans. I think there's little more insulting to those who cannot afford clothes that don't need mending.

I'm offended by people speaking in accents that are not their own.

I used to be horrified when most people describe women as bitches, dames, babes, chicks. Now, with a couple of exceptions dependant on context and tone, it doesn't bother me. Oddly when a man refers to his wife as The Wife, that just drives me nuts.

But, really, the older I get the less I'm offended by much.

It can be exhausting to ensure we respect the sensibilities of everyone we meet but, the older I get, the more important I think it is. And, the more that when those sensibilities are ridiculed by others, the more I see societal breakdowns.
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