Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail, fail fail... oh ok no fail, yet

I almost always make a new pattern out of fabric I don't care about - a sheet or some cheap stuff from Walmart. This last new pattern is very tricky with much different architecture than normal and some dubius sizing issues. But, did I pull out the crap fabric first? Fuck no. I cut right into the good stuff and it was a 100% absolute total failure. I'm not happy with me about this. Not one single bit.

Now I will start from scratch, new pattern (same top but a size smaller with no alterations) and crap fabric and try again. Dear Self, Remember this, k?

Then I decided to do my after lunch walk. I'll go up to the post office and get a box. One of the standard shipping fee boxes. I walk up the street in the drizzle to find the post office closed and 3 people camped with all their worldly belongings in the entry way. It's a federal fucking holiday. A minor one but one that closes post offices. Fuck.

At least I got my walk in. And, when I got home, I found one of the USPS boxes in my stash so ok.

I got a bid on my eBay'd tea cups so I know I'll be shipping them out on Friday. I thought I'd go ahead and get them packed up. The Friday I can just slap a label on and be good to go.

But right now Zoey wants to console me with a bit of a cat snuggle so Ok.
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